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If you’ve never had pulled pork then you are missing out. The long, slow method of cooking required to make the meat soft enough to be pulled apart makes pork tender, juicy and incredibly flavour some. It’s only been in the last few years that this way of eating pork has become popular in the UK, but for the origins of the dish we have to look a little further afield.


Pulled pork has its origins in the deep south of the United States, in places like North Carolina and Tennessee. Slow cooking was recognised as a way of cooking the cheaper or tougher cuts of meat and making better use of the entire pig. Pulled pork is usually made from the shoulder of the pig, and although the exact recipe varies from area to area, all involve the treating of the meat before it is cooked. The pork is cooked over the barbecue to give it a distinctive smoky flavour, and like other smoked meats the pulled pork is cooked for hours over a very low heat.


The traditional American way is to serve your pulled pork with a tomato, barbecue or mustard based sauce, or with rice or in a bread roll / bap.